Chandelier That Turns Your Room Into A Forest

Chandelier That Turns Your Room Into A Forest

Forms in Nature, a stunning light sculpture by Hilden & Diaz

Chandelier That Turns Your Room Into A ForestThe inspirations behind this project are German painter Casper David Friedrich’s romantic depiction of man in the wild and German naturalist Ernst Haeckel’s plant and animal drawings. As Pio stated, “We wanted to recreate the feeling of being surrounded by mysterious nature, filling the room with these shadows of unknown nature, and being dominated by it.”

For ordering information or if you have any questions, you can contact Thyra Hilden at The stunning piece doesn’t come cheap, though you can pay in installments, you’re looking at a prize of $4,100 USD or 3280 Euro. Each work is engraved and comes with a certificate of authenticity with the edition number of 1 to 100. Hilden & Diaz keep very close relationships with their clients, who often send them photos of their light fixtures once they’re installed. Pio even travels around the world to meet his customers in person. Below, see how a collector in London hung his piece.


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