About US

We’re Marina and Rafi, and together, we share a strong passion for design, yoga, meditation and the alternative lifestyle. Rafi does the designs here, and Marina creates beautiful headbands that she also sells and teaches yoga.

We weren’t always doing this though. A few years ago, we were working as engineers in high-tech corporations, focused on our careers. But we realized that there was much more to life than just the corporate ladder, and we decided to give everything up to chase  our dreams and live simply, and happily.

Today, we’re living in India with our two beautiful daughters, Mika and Netta. And we sincerely want to inspire others, just like you, to take the first step to the life you’ve always wanted. By supporting us, you’re also letting us know that we’re on the right path, and hopefully, you’ll soon embark on your own adventures too. 

All our goodies are designed and crafted with boundless love, using 100% high-quality fabrics . This means you’ll be perfectly satisfied while using them.

During last years we developed personal relations with artisans from Rajastan , and we bring their both traditional and modern art and designs to your domain.



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