How much shipping costs?

Fast shipping is FREE on www.mandalalifeart.com

How long does the shipping take?

We use Amazon fulfillment service, to make sure you will get your order super fast and free.

Which payment methods can I use?

We accept Credit Cards and PayPal.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to fulfillment limitations we can ship to US only , but we are working hard so our products will be available worldwide soon.

How can I pay if I don’t have PayPal account?

How can I pay if I don’t have PayPal account?

If you don’t have PayPal account you can still purchase from us with your

credit or debit card via PayPal. Click on PayPal button at checkout, you will be

redirected to PayPal website, there you will find “Pay with my debit or credit

card”. This is exactly what you need!

Does my shipment come with tracking number?

Yes, Amazon will send you confirmation mail with tracking details.

How can I return an item?

If you are not happy with an item, you can return it within 14 days. Please make sure that the item is not used and in its original condition and packing.

What is your privacy policy

Please read our Privacy Policy at https://www.mandalalifeart.com/privacy-policy/

What is your terms and conditions

Please read our Privacy Policy at https://www.mandalalifeart.com/terms-conditions/


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