Mandala Jacquard Towel in Carrot Orange



Our luxury bath towels are specially designed to add a unique touch of spirituality to your bathrooms.


Thick and Soft Jacquard woven 100% Cotton

Hand Towel Size 35” X 20” , 90 X 50 cm

Bath Towel Size 51” X 27” , 130 X 70 cm

Set Includes 1 Hand Towel and 1 Bath Towel

500 GSM luxury weight


Made In Turkey

Machine wash cool water; tumble dry low heat

You can select Hand / Bath / Set of Hand & Bath Towels

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~~Design Inspired By Life~~~
Turn your bathrooms into powerful spaces of inspiration with the unique towels from us. So now you don’t just clean your body, you’ll be getting a gentle reminder to cleanse your soul as well.

~~~The Mandala Collection~~~
The word Mandala means “Circle” or “Universe”.
The cosmic diagram represents wholeness and is a powerful reminder of our connectedness to the infinity – from deep within our souls, to the far reaches of the universe.
The Mandala that you see on our towels is inspired by sacred geometry, or the blueprint of all creation. Yes, including you, and me. In its center is the Seed of Life, with its six leaves representing the six days of creation. The eight lotus leaves symbolize perfection, as eight is considered a perfect number in numerous cultures. Eight also represents the old mantra “As above, so below”.

~~You Will LOVE It~~~
All our towels are weaved with boundless love, using 100% high quality cotton dyed yarns with the Jacquard loom. This means you’ll be perfectly satisfied while using them.

~~~Twice as nice~~~
Get two looks in one with our Reversible bath and hands towels. Yellow mandala on carrot orange on one side and carrot orange mandala on yellow on the other side.


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